Bresha Webb


Bresha Webb Lands On Kevin Hart’s New ABC Pilot ‘Keep It Together’!

According to several industry reports, we hear that comedic actress Bresha Webb (of TV One’s Love That Girl! fame) has just landed the female lead opposite Romany Malco (of Think Like A Man, The 40 Year Old Virgin fame) in ABC‘s brand new comedy pilot Keep It Together, from actor-comedian Kevin Hart.

Webb made some news recently as she was one of the very few finalists for the new cast member spot on NBC’s Saturday Night Live that ultimately went to Sasheer Zamata.

The new show, written by Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan, is based on Hart’s life and more as a stand-up, as the project takes a candid look at the post-divorce life of a couple. The show has Derek (Malco) and Lorraine (Webb), who are trying to forge a friendship for the sake of their kids, despite their differences.

Stay tuned as this story is developing.

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Ready For Prime Time

New DIGITAL Issue- These Ladies Of Comedy Are Ready For Prime Time!

It’s FINALLY here! Our new issue that features some of the newest ladies in comedy, Bresha Webb, Torrei Hart, Anika McFall and Gabrielle Dennis as they represent film, TV, social media and more! As the story developed several weeks ago that there are no funny African American women in comedy, we asked them what they thought, and we asked them about their projects. There is no denying their work; they are all rising in comedy.

Also in the issue, which we call our Best Man Holiday issue, we have reviews of the film, a review of the sound track from the movie, exclusive red carpet pics, and more!

Check out the new issue and click to open the flipping icon!

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The Ladies Cover - Primetime

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Django Spoof

Today’s Daily Humor- Lamorne Morris & Bresha Webb Drop ‘Django 2Chainz’!

Django SpoofApril 1, 2013 – “Django 2Chainz” is a brand new parody of Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar nominated film Django Unchained. The 13-minute short film features a lively young cast, including Lamorne Morris (New Girl), Bresha Webb (Weeds), Lyman Johnson (Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl), Aleksander Ristic and Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor. Morris plays roommate Winston on Fox’s hit TV series New Girl.

Written, directed and executive-produced by Bachelor, “Django 2Chainz” sets the bar for viral content with its cinematic style that resembles the feature film. “When writing “Django 2Chainz”, I visualized it as more of a film than a sketch. I always aim to improve when creating new content and Django gives viewers a unique perspective of my vision as a writer, director and ,” stated Bachelor.

Django 2Chainz” was co-written by Mitchell Marchand and stars Bachelor as Django (Jamie Foxx). The parody features Ristic as Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz), Webb as Broomhilda (Kerry Washington), Johnson as Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Morris channeling Samuel L. Jackson as Stephen.

Django Unchained Parody:

YouTube Preview Image

Simone n Torrei

Torrei Hart, Simone Shepherd & Bresha Webb Drop New Beyonce Parody!

Simone n Torrei(LOS ANGELES, CA – March 18, 2013) The comedic acting duo Torrei Hart and Simone Shepherd, also known as, Pretty Funny Fish, partner up with actress Bresha Webb of TV One’s popular show, Love That Girl! in their latest sketch comedy “Beyonce Bow Down.” The sketch tells America ‘what really went down’ behind the scenes that led to the power outage at the 2013 Super bowl.

The Destiny’s Child trio is at ends in the dressing room right after their 2013 Super Bowl performance. Kelly Rowland (Torrei Hart) and Michelle Williams (Bresha Webb) appeal to Beyonce Knowles (Simone Shepherd) for more lead vocals and recognition in the group. Michelle Williams leads off the Beyonce revolt by bragging about the success of her solo gospel album… only to have her microphone turned off by Beyonce’s divine powers. Kelly Rowland cuts straight to the chase and alludes to Matthew Knowles being her father. Beyonce is unconcerned with her group-mates appeal for more of the spotlight, as she focuses on her own perfections throughout the sketch. Finally, Kelly Rowland drops the bomb that she slept with Bey’s husband, Jay Z. Beyonce orders the lights out and we hear a knockdown, drag out fight on in the dressing room.

Not only is this sketch comical, it highlights the content quality of“Pretty Funny Fish.” Andrew Bachelor, who is known for directing some of the greatest quality content on YouTube today, directed “Beyonce Bow Down.” Pretty Funny Fish, is teaming up with more big names in the entertainment industry to add to the exploding popularity of their YouTube channel.

Check out the video;

YouTube Preview Image

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Bresha Webb

Bresha Webb Drops Another New Episode Of ‘This Is My Show’!

For those of you who don’t know, comedic actress Bresha Webb, who is best known for her impersonations, has launched a web series where she impersonates Tiny from the VH1 hit series TI and Tiny, and so far it has been doing very well and turning lots of heads. Bresha also has a team assembled to assist her which consists of actress Tatyana Ali and Jameel Saleem and is produced by Anthony Rose.

More episodes and details will follow soon!

Anyway, here is a new episode;

YouTube Preview Image

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Bill and Donte

Brand New Web Series From Billy Sorrells & Donte Barrett On Lands New Cast!

If you recall, a couple of days ago we told you about a brand new web series from comedians Billy Sorrells and Donte Barrett that’s gearing up to debut on titled Billy Sorrells Presents Office Code. Well, today we discovered that the series has added a cast of characters, and its seems like the roster is full of comedians!

We hear that comedians Bresha Webb, DC Ervin, Nate Jackson, Deric “Sleezy” Evans, Aja Kimm, Tony Baker, Brandon Lewis, Ron G, and Ben Begley have all been added to the cast for the show which will premiere in June.

As we stated in the previous post, Office Code is a series about everyday transactions in the work place and what NOT to do at your job. The success of Billy Sorrell’s Man Code and Sh*t Black Girls Say viral videos with nearly ten million views has attracted the interest on BET.

The company behind the production is Arieon Studios, which is a film production company formed by Sorrells, Producer Elijah Karriem Paul Buxie, and James Valentine in 2011 in Houston, Texas, and is now based in Hollywood. Barrett and Kevin Reed recently joined in May 2012. Arieon Studios is the producer of  Billy Sorrells Presents Office Code and has been producing content consistently for over a year and a half and distributing it via The company plans on producing more viral videos, short films and eventually feature films.

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Bresha Webb

Bresha Webb (Of Love That Girl) On Humor Mill TV!

Here is an interview we were able to catch with comedian and actress Bresha Webb, who many of you probably know from the hit television show ER, or the TV One series Love That Girl!. On the show Bresha plays the very sassy Imunique, and her name says it all.

We got a chance to chat with Bresha at the Chris Spencer birthday party and we discovered some new things about this comedian who is quickly becoming a star!

Check out the interview!