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Steve Wilson Of ‘The DL Hughley Radio Show’ Launching Several New Comedy Ventures!

STeve Wilson1Another comedian who has been flying under the radar for several years (actually almost 28 years to be exact) is Buffalo native, comedian Steve Wilson. If you are a fan of The DL Hughley Radio Show, then you are probably very familiar with the name. Wilson, who has been on every comedy show that you can think of, is one of the co-hosts of the show along with DL Hughley and Jasmine Sanders.

With that being said, we discovered that Wilson is about to step out and produce some other shows in comedy- and then some. Up first is his new comedy tour with comedian Guy Torry titled The Dr Jeckyll And Mr Hyde Comedy Tour. We hear that Wilson and Torry plan to start out the tour at several smaller venues with the plan to eventually build up the momentum to get to bigger venues. As of this writing they will be at several comedy venues nationally such as The Funny Bone and several Improv’s. The dates for these events will be unveiled shortly.

Wilson is also about to make a quick appearance in an episode of Tosh.o on Comedy Central that we hear is airing in February. According to our sources, Wilson is said to have left quit an impression on host Daniel Tosh and may come back again.

That’s not the only television appearance by Wilson; he is said to be one of six comedians who will all appear on a new special with host Andrew Dice Clay debuting in March. For the special, Wilson will be on stage performing stand up which will be part of the Laugh Out Loud Comedy Series.

Lastly, we hear that Wilson is about to debut something that may change the comedy game; he is about to produce a comedy show in New York in March that will also combine music and travel the country. Unlike other comedy shows that now have music with each show, Wilson is taking his show a little further as he will eventually have each show produced in a city where The DL Hughley Radio Show is broadcast in. The thought here is to bring in his listening audience to the show and to try to capture them in every market (the show is currently being broadcast in 56 cities). The show will have a popular R&B singer to captivate the audience, and since it’s being sponsored by Hennessy, you can expect some major acts to stop by.

What’s on the horizon? Well, we know there are a couple of deals on the table that will drop soon that can’t be mentioned but they should close soon.  In the meantime we will continue to watch Wilson’s comedy career climb.

This story is still developing!

Charlie Murphy

Charlie Murphy, Eddie Griffin, George Lopez, Cedric The Entertainer, Mike Epps and DL Hughley On Tour Together!

Charlie MurphyWe hear that there is another comedy package and tour coming together featuring some heavy weights in comedy. According to our sources, comedians Charlie Murphy, Eddie Griffin, George Lopez, Cedric  The Entertainer, Mike Epps and DL Hughley are all coming together to bring you the tour entitled Black And Brown:Comedy Get Down.

SO far we hear that the tour is about to be routed in Tampa, Jacksonville, Raleigh and Cincinnati with several other tour dates being created right now.

Check out back stage at one of the tour spots below:

More detail’s on this coming soon!

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DL Hughley

The LYAO! Comedy Show Launches With DeRay Davis, Chris Spencer, DL Hughley, Aries Spears, & Bruce Bruce

DL HughleyWe just discovered the news that Barry Wallace of BLW Events, the company that recently bought you the Katt Williams Growth Spurt Tour (which was recently filmed for HBO) to Ontario, CA is jumping right back in the saddle with ANOTHER new comedy show!

We hear the new comedy show titled LYAO! is headed back to Ontario with some heavy weights in the comedy industry! This new show features DeRay Davis, Chris Spencer, DL Hughley, Aries Spears, and Bruce Bruce! The show will be on Saturday July 26th at Citizens Business Bank Arena and you can purchase tickets HERE!

No word yet if the show will be taped but we hear from several sources that there will be more celebrity guests in attendance.

Stay tuned as this story is developing!

BLW Events


Cedric The Entertainer Launches New Podcast Titled ‘The Whole Damn World’!

According to our industry sources, its official; Cedric The Entertainer, currently starring in The Soul Man on TV Land, has officially launched his own podcast!

We hear the new podcast, which will be audio AND video, will be titled The Whole Damn World is set to officially launch April 21st and will feature chats with other comedians, some stand up and several sketches. We also hear that Ced is going to even broadcast some funny sketches from his fans!

No other info has been given to us about the show, but we suspect that this could be the beginning of a future radio show to be nationally syndicated! When that happens, ALL of the remaining Original Kings Of Comedy will be on the radio as Ced will join Steve Harvey (The Steve Harvey Morning Show) and DL Hughley (The DL Hughley Show) in the radio ranks! That’s comedy history right there!

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Jamie DL

Jamie Foxx Talks To The DL Hughley Show About Black ‘Annie’ Controversy!

If you are not familiar, there is a lot of controversy brewing over the forthcoming Annie film, because the new Annie is Black.

We also heard that Jamie Foxx is starring in the new film and maybe directing it, as he plays Benjamin Stacks in the movie. Anyway, Foxx got a chance to talk DL Hughley last Friday on The D.L. Hughley Show about the film and everything that has been brewing.

Listen to the audio player to hear his response to the critics.


DL Hughely To Film A Brand New Comedy Special For Showtime!

We hear that comedian DL Hughley, one of the Original Kings Of Comedy, will be in San Francisco this Saturday, March 8th, filming a brand new special for Showtime! No official word from his reps yet if this special is yet to be titled.

We know that Hughley, while still broadcasting The DL Hughley Show on radio in over 50 markets nationally for the afternoon drive time, is about to also ramp up a campaign for his Endangered Species film which we will reveal the details about shortly.

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Kym DL

Kym Whitley Talks ‘Raising Whitley’ And Other New Details On ‘The DL Hughley Show’!

A couple of days ago comedian and radio show host DL Hughley and gang had a chance to chat with comedian and actress Kym Whitley about hew reality show on The OWN NetworkRaising Whitley and they discovered that the show was recently expanded. Listen to the interview to find out why the show was expanded and how well its doing in the interview below:


Earthquake Preps His Nationally Syndicated Radio Show With A Pre-Launch On WBLS!

Well it looks like comedians Sheryl Underwood and DL Hughley won’t be the only comedians spearheading their radio programs for afternoon drive! According to our sources we discovered the news that Earthquake has recently stepped in as afternoon drive time host (3-7PM) on WBLS in New York!

With Sheryl and DL we told you that they both are planning on jumping into new radio territory by being on afternoon drive as no other comedian has ever done that before. No details have emerged about Sheryl, but we discovered that DL signed with Reach Media (a company owned by Tom Joyner) for his new show as he started in New York  almost 2 weeks ago and is now officially launched nationally as of this past Monday.

With that news, DL will not be the only comedian on in New York, as Earthquake joined the radio market. As you all already heard from Earthquake in an interview we conducted with him several months ago, ‘Quake had been planning on launching Quake’s House for a nationally syndicated program. He also began guest hosting for The Steve Harvey Morning Show and became very popular with the listening audience during his fill in’s in the morning- whenever Steve couldn’t make the show due to his hectic schedule. At one point we speculated that if Steve ever stepped aside, he would be a perfect fit.

We now hear that Quake is prepping his show as he is in talks with an unknown company to launch his new syndicated program. Stay tuned shortly as we will give you all of the details about the new company and the launch date of the national show.

Here is the interview we did with Earthquake as he discussed his upcoming radio show:

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DL News

It’s Official: DL Hughley Brings His Radio Show To The FX Network For Broadcast!

If you recall, a couple of weeks ago we dropped some news that comedian DL Hughley was about to drop a syndicated radio show for the afternoon drive (which is a first time in radio programming history that a comedian would host a show for the afternoons) as we also heard that the show was also going to be a television show.

After a little time passed we heard that Hughley’s deal was going to be with Reach Media and that he was going to be joined by veteran stand up comedian Steve Wilson. Well within the last week several things were confirmed; Wilson joined the show as they officially signed on with Reach Media and prepped the launch of the syndicated show. According to several reports  Jasmine Sanders was to join the crew and she officially signed on last week.

The only remaining element that was not confirmed from our previous reports was the television element and our friends over at Laughspin just released a story stating that DL Hughley officially signed on to broadcast the radio show on the FX Network!

Check out their article below:

In its ever growing enthusiasm to develop original comedy content, FX has just inked a script deal with veteran comedian D.L. Hughley. “We’re doing a show on FX about me having a radio show,” Hughley tells Laughspin, adding the deal was just finalized this week. And if you think the premise sounds familiar, it might be because you heard the news of Hughley’s new syndicated radio show happening in real life. The D.L. Hughley Show — co-hosted by Jasmine Sanders and Steve Wilson — will soft launch on Monday in five cities and will be added to 45 markets shortly after. It will air 3 – 7 pm ET every day. In addition to the new radio gig, Hughley is working on a feature-length for-theaters version of The Endangered Listthe mockumentary that aired on Comedy Central last year and was recently honored with a Peabody award. FX’s new sister channel FXX, premiering Sept. 2, had previously announced it would air re-runs of the comedian’s former show The Hughleys.

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DL Hughley news

It’s Official; DL Hughley Lands Syndicated Afternoon Drive Radio Show With Reach Media!

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, comedian DL Hughley has jumped into the radio arena with an afternoon drive time syndicated show. Check out the press release below:

REACH Media Inc. today announced that comedian, author, actor and television personality D.L. Hughley has been signed to host a weekday radio broadcast, with a launch date to be announced in the near future. THE D.L. HUGHLEY SHOW will be a daily themed, music intensive afternoon drive program from 3-7pm ET hosted by one of the brightest comedic minds. The show will be distributed by REACH Media Inc. which currently reaches an audience of over 12 million listeners, predominantly African American, through radio, as well as digital media.

Hughley, ready to take people on a no holds ride of humor and reality in the afternoons, stated, “I’m very excited to get back to radio and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I think radio fits my sensibility. I want to be fast, I want to be funny, I want to be topical. I want to make people laugh a lot and think a little. Some people want to push the envelope – I want to see if I can singe it a little.”

Hughley established himself as a stand-up comedian propelling to stardom with the Original Kings of Comedy Tour and a subsequent movie release. He went on to have a hit television show, The Hughleys, and has followed that up with a successful best-selling book, comedy specials, and television appearances. Known for being astute and politically savvy in true comedian style, D.L. served as host of his own talk show on CNN, D.L. Hughley Breaks the News. In 2013 Hughley was awarded a Peabody Award for his work on The Endangered List, a satirical documentary that sought to get “American black men the same EPA protections afforded snail darters.”

According to REACH Media CEO David Kantor, “D.L. is the right personality to provide a new style of content in afternoon drive time. The D.L. Hughley Show will be engaging and fun, along with great music.”
Cumulus Media Networks will partner with REACH Media Inc. in affiliation and other aspects of the show.

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