Kiana Dancie

Kiana Dancie

Comedian Kiana Dancie Presents ‘The Komedy Kocktails Show’!

Here is an event being hosted by comedian Kiana Dancie titled The Komedy Kocktails Show¬†which she is going to host and be headlined by comedian Red Grant! The show takes place at The infamous Punchline Comedy Club in Atlanta on Oct 2nd and will also feature some of Atlanta’s favorite comedians!

Check out the flier info below for more info and other details!



New Episode Of Komedy Kocktails With Kiana Diance!

Here is another new episode of Komedy Kocktails With Kiana Dancie where she talks about what’s going on… in her own unique perspective!

Kiana Dancie

*Brand New*- Komedy Kocktails With Kiana Dancie!

Here is our brand new segment titled Komedy Kocktails With Kiana Dancie as comedian Kiana Dancie discusses topics of today.

This week, in the first segment, the topic that is the main discussion on everyone’s minds is Montana Fishburne and her idea to jump into the porn industry with a father like Lawrence Fishburne. Kiana tells us her thoughts and more!


One on One With Kiana Dancie On Humor Mill TV!

Here is an interview with up-and coming comedian Kiana Dancie who is quietly turning heads in the comedy industry. Dancie is making strides as a female comedian in a male dominated world in a short period of time! We got a chance to catch up with her as she discusses her career and her future projects! Check out the interview on Humor Mill TV!