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On the eve of Katt Williams filming his brand new special for HBO titled Growth Spurt to be directed by Spike Lee, named after his Growth Spurt tour, the numbers were officially released by industry leader Billboard of the top professional comedians -black or white- who currently gross the most from their comedy tours.

Before you read the list below, please note that these numbers are for who is officially touring now and how well the tour is going now.

One more thing; several months ago we dropped an article about Katt Williams making a comeback in the comedy industry, and these numbers released today proves what we told you. Here is the list below;

Top 10 U.S. Arena Comedy Tours

1. Jeff Dunham
Total Gross $3,737,382
Total Attendance 80,444
Total Capacity 92,112
No. of Shows 12

2. Katt Williams
Total Gross $732,019
Total Attendance 12,401
Total Capacity 20,562
No. of Shows 3

3. Louis CK
Total Gross $549,624
Total Attendance 10,936
Total Capacity 11,409
No. of Shows 1

4. Mike Epps
Total Gross $480,566
Total Attendance 8,975
Total Capacity 17,192
No. of Shows 2

5. Gabriel Iglesias
Total Gross $331,231
Total Attendance 7,627
Total Capacity 8,987
No. of Shows 2

6. Chelsea Handler 
Total Gross $310,715
Total Attendance 5,740
Total Capacity 5,740
No. of Shows 1

7. Chris Tucker
Total Gross $268,617
Total Attendance 3,893
Total Capacity 3,893
No. of Shows 1

8. Jeff Foxworthy
Total Gross $266,485
Total Attendance 5,961
Total Capacity 7,447
No. of Shows 1

9. Kevin James
Total Gross $230,220
Total Attendance 5,116
Total Capacity 5,396
No. of Shows 1

10. Jerry Seinfeld 
Total Gross $206,440
Total Attendance 1,678
Total Capacity 3,500
No. of Shows 1

Source: Billboard Boxscore, based on reports from Jan. 1, 2013 to May 13, 2014.

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