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TMZ Tries To Blast Nick Cannon With Stealing A Reality Show Name!

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According to TMZ, comedian and actor Nick Cannon is a show thief! We just discovered this article from our friends at EURWEB, and this was AFTER were were about to post the story about Nick Cannon getting a new reality show.

But things sure changed real quick!

The article at EURWEB states;

As you may not have heard a regular guest on Howard Stern’s radio show is complaining that Nick Cannon stole the name of a reality show he’d been working on for years.

Johnny Fratto — son of infamous mob boss Louis “Cock-Eyed” Fratto — claims he came up with a reality show back in 2004 called “Son of a Gun,” which followed the daily life of a post-mafia family.

According to TMZ, Fratto claims he’s come “very close” to landing a deal with several networks and has already produced two pilot episodes, which he is still shopping in Hollywood.

But just a few days ago, MTV announced Cannon is producing a reality show with the same name, but Nick’s show centers around up-and-coming rapper named Cory Gunz.

Fratto claims Cannon not only jacked his title, but also stole the mafia-themed “style” Fratto has used in his pilot episodes, reports TMZ. He has now fired off a cease and desist letter to MTV — ripping Nick as a “B-list actor” — and demanding they shut down all plans to move forward with their show, unless they change the title.

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