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Torrei Hart, Simone Shepherd & Bresha Webb Drop New Beyonce Parody!

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Simone n Torrei(LOS ANGELES, CA – March 18, 2013) The comedic acting duo Torrei Hart and Simone Shepherd, also known as, Pretty Funny Fish, partner up with actress Bresha Webb of TV One’s popular show, Love That Girl! in their latest sketch comedy “Beyonce Bow Down.” The sketch tells America ‘what really went down’ behind the scenes that led to the power outage at the 2013 Super bowl.

The Destiny’s Child trio is at ends in the dressing room right after their 2013 Super Bowl performance. Kelly Rowland (Torrei Hart) and Michelle Williams (Bresha Webb) appeal to Beyonce Knowles (Simone Shepherd) for more lead vocals and recognition in the group. Michelle Williams leads off the Beyonce revolt by bragging about the success of her solo gospel album… only to have her microphone turned off by Beyonce’s divine powers. Kelly Rowland cuts straight to the chase and alludes to Matthew Knowles being her father. Beyonce is unconcerned with her group-mates appeal for more of the spotlight, as she focuses on her own perfections throughout the sketch. Finally, Kelly Rowland drops the bomb that she slept with Bey’s husband, Jay Z. Beyonce orders the lights out and we hear a knockdown, drag out fight on in the dressing room.

Not only is this sketch comical, it highlights the content quality of“Pretty Funny Fish.” Andrew Bachelor, who is known for directing some of the greatest quality content on YouTube today, directed “Beyonce Bow Down.” Pretty Funny Fish, is teaming up with more big names in the entertainment industry to add to the exploding popularity of their YouTube channel.

Check out the video;

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