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TV One Preps To Jump Into The Late Nite Arena- Who Will Be The Host?

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We just discovered from a couple of sources that TV One is planning on jumping into the late nite arena this fall. We hear that there have been talks with several folks and that the executives are actively pursuing a host. Now, we have to say that all of this news is interesting because we hear that they were looking for a host BEFORE the demise of Mo’Nique and George Lopez from their shows respectively.

The question now arises, will TV One go after Mo’Nique or George Lopez? Or will they seek someone new? Or will the new President (who was given the reins this past week) take this off the books completely? Since Arsenio Hall is trying to get back to television will he go there? (We doubt that one very seriously)

If you are to believe what is being said around Hollywood, then that would have to be that TV One will seek neither of them as their shows were too expensive to produce for the network and it makes more economical sense that they seek someone new for the gig.

Our question to them would be- who? Our source says that they love Bill Bellamy for what he did with Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes and that they might explore that option.

What do you think?

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  1. roberta

    I just saw Lewis Dix last night at the historic Maverick’s Flat in Los Angeles. He is hosting their Comedy Night that felt more like a variety show. He was hilarious and his guest were interesting and entertaining. TV One or any other network should check him out to host a show. BTW, the food was good too.

  2. roberta

    Clifton Powell was there too.

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