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TV One's 'Unsung' To Feature Comedians- Starting With Flip Wilson?

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We just discovered from our sources that TV One is in the process of filming several episodes of a show dedicated to some influential comedians, and we hear up first is comedian and actor Flip Wilson for a show that will possibly be Unsung. We are not sure if it will be premiered on this show, but we do know that the producers are working on a biography on Wilson right now.

If you are not familiar with TV One’s Unsung, it’s a music biography series that sheds much-do light on some of the most influential, talented and yet, somehow forgotten R&B, Soul and Gospel artists of the last 30 years. With the success of the show, it seems that they may add more comedy to this show with talks of a focus on Bernie Mac and Robin Harris in the near future.

In the meantime, TV One just released some new episodes of Unsung, as the new season will include:

  • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 8PM/ET – Heavy D & the Boyz
  • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 8PM/ET – Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
  • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 8PM/ET – Ghetto Boys
  • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 8PM/ET – The Delfonics
  • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 8PM/ET – CeCe Peniston

Unsung is narrated by Gary Anthony Williams and is executive produced by Arthur Smith, Kent Weed andFrank Sinton of A. Smith & Co. Production for TV One. Mark Rowland is Co-Executive Producer. Executive in charge of production for TV One is Jubba Seyyid and producer for TV One is Lamar Chase.

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  1. SteveRichard

    This is a Much needed Show.i would like to Thank you for ”Shining” a ”Light” on the ”Backstory” of these ”Magnetic” people.No one ever does this,They only show the ”Glamour” n ”Glitz” never do they Show the ”Struggle” n the ”Discipline” it took 2get there, the Media makes it Seem as if these people are Extraordinary or it Just happened Magically…!!! We need 2know How they achieved Such Greatness n Heights and Most importantly that they too CAN also Achieve Greatness…..!!!! 310-844-3988

  2. SteveRichard

    I was Wandering could you also do Shows on Book Authors,PlayWrites,Poets,VocalProducers,Lyric Writers,BandDirectors,MusicProducers,Dancers,Choreographers,Tappers,Vocal Coaches and the like…??? The Arts

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