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‘Undercover Brother’ Sequel In The Works Featuring Eddie Griffin

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According to our sources, we hear that a sequel to Eddie Griffin’s 2002 hit comedy film Undercover Brother is being fast-tracked to start filming sometime next year for a late 2019 fall release.

The original film starred Griffin and Denise Richards and was Directed by Malcolm D. Lee (Girls Trip, Best Man, Night School, and the upcoming Uptown Saturday Night remake), and was a parody on the spy genre, with this film featuring a black lead as the secret agent. The film’s description is as follows;

A white faceless corporate despot known only as “The Man”, has the power to unleash a terrifying top-secret weapon: an irresistibly packaged psycho-hallucinogenic drug that will reduce the entire population to mindless zombies. but black folks have soul. But with enough funky sense of style, a smooth way with the ladies and an absolute hunger for justice, with his Bruce Lee moves, Cadillac attitude and an arsenal of outrageous disguises and gadgets, Undercover Brother is recruited by the group of Good Guys, know as the B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D. an all-black justice league to foil the Man’s plan to derail a Colin Powell-like presidential candidate, and Undercover Brother’s undercover exploits keep the slim plot moving. But while he and his sassy cat-fighting partner known as Sistah Girl tries to find out what’s going on, the leader’s ruthless right arm, Mr. Feather, discovers the conspiracy’s sexy secret weapon, Penelope Snow.

This news really comes as no surprise as Griffin is about to be placed in the “rising star-again” category after his very brief performance in the hit film ‘A Star Is Born’, which many are predicting will easily be in Oscar contention for an Academy Award.

No word yet if any of the previous cast will join Griffin in the film, but the story is still developing.

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