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UPDATE- Comedian Aarona Browning Assaulted & Arrested By LAPD!

Comedy News

A couple of days ago we dropped the story of comedian Aarona Browning who was coming home late and was pulled over by the Los Angeles Police Department. As we stated then, Browning was physically assaulted by the LAPD on what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop at 2AM after performing.

What transpired is even more amazing; Browning was pulled over, questioned, then forced to give up her car, arrested and more. Since her arrest, it seems like the LAPD and the Internal Affairs Department have not been able to assist her either as we discovered that Browning has spoken to several people in IA and as of this writing there has been no disciplinary action done. What is more appalling is that there have been no other reports and the two white officers who pulled over Browning have not been questioned at all nor disciplined for their behavior. Know this; she was pulled over by 2 (two) officers late at night and the men where twice her size. (See video below)

This story is continuing to develop as The NAACP have been notified and we will see what happens.

Check out the petition AND SIGN IT! This type of violence needs to stop!


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  1. Ren

    That’s messed up! I signed the petition. I wish there was more I could do.

  2. Art Garfield

    Police brutality is unacceptable!..she’s never been pulled over by New York cops i guess..thats training for any pull over…firstly get that car registered correctly so the cops have nothing to work with…secondly, obey every command, u can’t win competing with a cop, 3rdly, dont reach or bring anything out the car with you in your hands…its hard to deal with when paper work isnt in order. Get your thing together respectively. No registration and suspended license?…And you want compassion..but thats no excuse for abuse, which I didn’t hear her mention outside of verbal…just sayin…Dont give them anything to work with..if registration was correct and license straight they would have let you go…beyond that, grounds for a complaint.

  3. buddy

    I said it before and Ill say it again….Most police officers ain’t shit!! You got to be a special kind of asshole just to want to be one. I hope that those officers are disciplined to the full extent of the law but don’t count on it…. cause its just higher up asshole police officers that will make a determination on whether these jerkoffs were being dicks. If you need and attorney call me I got friends.

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