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Watch: Keegan-Michael Key In New Trailer For Upcoming Comedy ‘Don’t Think Twice’!

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O.K. so his last film “Keanu” with his former partner Jordan Peele did not exactly set the box office on fire, but Keegan-Michael Key is not going to let that stop him or even give him second thoughts. In fact, Key has had a very busy career in films, TV and voice-over work for years with nearly 80 credits to his name, and another three films that he’s in that are either is post-production or currently filming.

But his next project about to be released is the comedy “Don’t Think Twice,” written and directed by actor/director Mike Birbiglia, a former stand-up comedian who has appeared in dozens of films and TV shoes, including the role of Danny Person in “Orange is the new Black” and has a major supporting role in “Twice” as well.

As with his previous film, which he wrote and directed (2012’s “Sleepwalk with Me”), “Don’t Think Twice” is based on Birbiglia’s past experiences as a comedian; but in this case, set in the world of improv comedy.

In “Twice,” Key plays a member of an impov comedy group who finally gets his big break. The film chronicles how that news affects the rest of the group – especially when they come to the realization that their “big break” is most likely never coming.

The film, which opens July 22, obviously will give Key an opportunity to show other dimensions of himself than the usual wackiness that most of his fans are used to.

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