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WATCH: Teaser Trailer Of ‘Robin Hood’ Starring Taron Egerton And Jamie Foxx


British television and commercials director Otto Bathurst makes his feature debut with a new version of the Robin Hood legend. The November 21 release, titled Robin Hood, stars British actor Taron Egerton (from the Kingsman franchise) as the charismatic outlaw who takes on the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham along with his group Merry Men and Oscar winner R&B singer, and now TV host,  Jamie Foxx.

Foxx plays Robin Hood’s brother in arms Little John, Ben Mendelsohn has been cast as the sheriff, Eve Hewson is Maid Marian, Jamie Dornan plays Marian’s husband Little Scarlet, and Tim Minchin is Friar Tuck.

Bathurst has previously directed episodes of Black Mirror and the popular period crime show Peaky Blinders. Characterised by stylised archery sequences, laconic British humor and a kinetic pace, the trailer indicates that the latest adaptation of thirteenth-century British folklore will be anything but staid. The movie has been shot in Croatia, Hungary, and France.


Watch the teaser trailer below;


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