Will Eddie Murphy & Upcoming Guests Save 'The Arsenio Hall Show'?

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According to our sources, it looks like The Arsenio Hall Show is continuing to have declining ratings in the market despite the show bringing in top tier talent such as Kevin Hart, Nelly, recently all of the new Pastors of LA, Nelly, and many musical performances.

As you already know and as we reported when the show originally debuted in September, the ratings were the best numbers for a syndicated premiere in the last seven years. But since then, the decline has been substantial, as the show has been dropping off every week since it has been on the air. The decline of more than 40 percent nationally, where Hall’s show dropped from a 2.5 household rating its first week to a 1.5. Among viewers between 18 and 49 — the show’s target demo — it dropped from a 1.0 to 0.4, according to Nielsen.

Now we ask, is all of that about to change?

According to sources, the next couple of months will be targeting celebrities that are geared towards their targeted demo (see the booking and appearances of Hart, Nick Cannon, 2 Chainz, The Pastors Of LA and many more) to potentially more of his friends such as Eddie Murphy coming into the fold. We hear that Murphy is not only planning to come to the show, but we also hear that he is planning on performing his new single right after he drops his new album. The only question is when.

With the declining ratings, we ask you, is it too late? Will the appearance of superstars like Murphy save The Arsenio Hall Show? The answers these questions will be revealed soon.

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  1. Mother Love

    We have got to give him a chance. He’s been on a few weeks, I am rooting for you Homie.
    Mother Love

  2. Carlito!

    The reason nobody is watching his show is because it’s not giving anybody anything to talk about the next day like the old show. NO “did you see Arsenio last night” moments because he is playing it so safe. His sketches are the worst on tv. His monologue and interviews are great though. There’s no doubt he is skilled in that department.

    • Flecks

      I totally agree! Who comes up with that weak a@@ stuff???!!!

  3. Tasha Biltmore

    I say we need to all support black theater and comedy have a segment on who is hott and upcoming it helps bring in a new audience and bridge A list with upcoming A list celebrities it makes it more interesting we are tired of hearing just gossip and whats new,, how about who is upcoming and hot and why. Just a thought..

  4. Osha Bey

    Arsenio is back on TV an accomplishment in itself and now he can use he platform to be innovative and introduce talent undiscovered as well as bringing the tried and true talents we “All know”, however we cannot forget or bee naive, the same folks are still in charge

  5. Flecks

    I will tell you why this show is sinking. First off, Arsenio came back after all that time away with that ridiculous looking haircut! That was just way too shocking for us! It was hard for me to watch him. Too severe. I think he tried too hard to ‘look different’ or to ‘be new and hip’. No, Arsenio! That was just sooo wrong! We wanted the same ole Arsenio that we liked…the one we could relate too…not some stranger with a half bald, half shaved head. Arsenio’s head is already funny looking. It was a huge mistake. He needed to have some hair, cuz he is too old to rock that half shaved crazy look. Seriously, all my friends and most people I talk to say the same thing. Also the segments are WEAK! It’s not funny. Arsenio grow your hair back quick!!!! Please save your show!

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